If you choose to return your Honda Leadership Leasing® or Honda Leadership Purchase Plan® vehicle, you may need to arrange a vehicle inspection. HFS recommends obtaining a pre-termination inspection prior to returning your vehicle if it has exceeded your contracted mileage or incurred more than normal wear and use1. The inspection should be completed in the last two months of your lease agreement. That way, you'll have time to take care of any repairs yourself. Or, if you choose to have us make the repairs, you'll understand exactly what you're being billed for. The inspection is free and the inspector will travel to a location convenient to you.

How to Schedule an Inspection

To schedule a free inspection with the licensed inspection company contact them at 1-800-340-4080 (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., ET) or click on the Schedule Inspection Online link. Please have your Honda Financial ServicesSM (HFS) account number and VIN available.

How the Inspection Works

Vehicle inspectors will not drive, but they will need the keys to start it and test all electrical functions. Upon completion the inspector will print an inspection report and review the results with you.

We recommend that you be present for this inspection. If you are present, the inspector will give you a copy of the report following the inspection. Shortly thereafter, you will also receive a Preliminary End-of-Lease Statement that outlines the estimated costs of any excessive wear-and-use or damage, excess mileage, etc. No charges will be made to your account until after the vehicle has been turned in.

Prior to the time of the inspection, we ask that:

  • The vehicle is as clean as possible, inside and out, but detailing is NOT necessary.
  • All items are removed from the vehicle, including child car seats. Inspectors will not move or remove any items from the vehicle.
  • All keys, manuals, original accessories, and any service or maintenance records are present.
  • There is adequate space and light for the inspection process.

Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver

Honda Leadership Leases include a $500 Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver. Loyal customers2 who purchase or lease their next Honda vehicle may qualify for an additional waiver3 and may be eligible to get their turn-in fee waived4.

1 Refer to the Lease-End Inspection Guide for information about excessive wear-and-use.

2 A loyal customer is one who purchases or leases another new Honda or Acura automobile within 30 days prior to or after the turn-in date.

3 Total amount waived not to exceed $1,000.

4 The turn-in fee amount depends on your state. See your lease contract for details. For specific benefit information on your current HFS lease contract, please log in to your HFS account and select End-of-Term.

Making Repairs

If the vehicle requires repairs, consult the Lease Maturity Center prior to completing. If repairs are needed. we encourage you to use an authorized Honda facility to ensure that the vehicle is properly repaired with Genuine Honda Parts (as required by your lease agreement). Please be sure to save all repair receipts, as they will be required at vehicle return.

If you prefer, you may instead return the vehicle without making repairs, in which case you will receive a bill for the cost of excessive wear-and-use or damage after your vehicle is turned in. Again, no charges will be made to your account until the vehicle is turned in.


For more information, contact your Honda dealer.

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